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    Shared Tooltip
    In This Topic

    A shared tooltip is a single tooltip that highlights all data values for a single X value in the chart.

    In a chart containing mixed chart types, you often require displaying multiple Y values for a common X value through a single tooltip. In such cases, FlexChart tooltips can be used as shared tooltips by setting the ToolTipContent property accordingly.

    The following image displays a shared tooltip showing Y values for all series at a single X value.

    The code  compares and displays data of number of daily website visitors, unique visitors, and link clicks in a specific week. The code shows how to set the ToolTipContent property to create a shared tooltip.

    <c1:C1FlexChart Name="flexChart"
                ToolTipContent="Index: {pointIndex}&#13;Day: {name}&#13;Visitors: {Visitors}&#13;Unique Visitors: {UniqueVisitors}&#13;Link Click: {LinkClick}">