ComponentOne FlexGrid for WPF and Silverlight
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    C1.Silverlight.FlexGrid Namespace (C1.Silverlight.FlexGrid.5)
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    ClassRepresents a row that displays bound data.
    ClassComboBox that looks the same in WPF and Silverlight and implements the IsEditable property in both platforms (the Silverlight ComboBox is not editable).
    ClassC1FlexGrid control.
    ClassProvides data for events related to editing.
    ClassClass that implements the default cell factory for a C1FlexGrid.
    ClassProvides data for events that affect cell ranges.
    ClassDefines attributes used to render grid cells.
    ClassRepresents a grid column.
    ClassRepresents a collection of Column objects.
    ClassDefines a list of valid entries for a column.
    ClassProvides data for the C1FlexGrid.CustomAggregate event.
    ClassConverter required to support data type properties in XAML.
    ClassRepresents a logical part of the grid, such as the column headers, row headers, and scrollable data part.
    ClassRepresents a row that serves as a header for a group of rows.
    ClassContains information about a part of the C1FlexGrid at a specified coordinate.
    ClassImplements the grid's default merging behavior.
    ClassRepresents a row used to add items to the source collection.
    ClassConverter required to support nullable properties in XAML.
    ClassRepresents a grid row.
    ClassAbstract base class for Row and Column classes.
    ClassAbstract base class for RowCollection and ColumnCollection classes.
    ClassRepresents a collection of Row objects.
    InterfaceDefines the functionality of classes used to create grid cells dynamically.
    InterfaceInterface that extends System.Windows.Data.IValueConverter to provide editing information.
    InterfaceDefines the functionality of classes that handle cell merging.
    StructureRepresents a rectangular group of cells defined by two row indices and two column indices.
    EnumerationSpecifies the type of aggregate to calculate over a group of values.
    EnumerationDefines which grid elements can be moved to new positions with the mouse.
    EnumerationSpecifies constants that define which areas of the grid support cell merging.
    EnumerationDefines which grid elements can be resized with the mouse.
    EnumerationSpecifies a value that defines the type of cell.
    EnumerationDefines constants that specify whether users can copy data from a C1FlexGrid control to the clipboard and whether column header values are included.
    EnumerationSpecifies whether the grid should defer scrolling until the user releases the scrollbar thumb.
    EnumerationSpecifies file formats available for saving the grid.
    EnumerationSpecifies constants that define which grid lines separating grid cells cells are shown.
    EnumerationSpecifies where to place the group rows used to delimit data groups.
    EnumerationSpecifies constants that define which header cells are displayed.
    EnumerationSpecifies the actions taken by the grid when the user presses a key.
    EnumerationSpecifies where the new row template should be displayed when the C1FlexGrid.AllowAddNew property is set to true and the grid is bound to a System.ComponentModel.IEditableCollectionView that supports adding new items.
    EnumerationSpecifies options available for customizing the files created by the C1FlexGrid.Save method.
    EnumerationSpecifies how the grid content should be scaled to fit the page.
    EnumerationSpecifies the selected state of a cell.
    EnumerationSpecifies constants that define the selection behavior.
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