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In This Topic
    C1FlexGridGroupPanel Class
    In This Topic
    Class that provides a UI for manipulating groups in a C1FlexGrid control that is bound to an System.ComponentModel.ICollectionView.
    Object Model
    C1FlexGridGroupPanel Class
    Public Class C1FlexGridGroupPanel 
       Inherits System.Windows.Controls.Control
    public class C1FlexGridGroupPanel : System.Windows.Controls.Control 

    The C1FlexGridGroupPanel is an independent element that is connected to a C1FlexGrid through the FlexGrid property.

    The C1FlexGridGroupPanel shows a panel and allows users to create groups by dragging column headers into the panel. Users can reorder the groups by dragging the group markers, or sort and remove groups by clicking the group markers.

    The appearance of the group markers is automatically determined by the grid that is connected to the C1FlexGridGroupPanel. You don't have to select any fonts or brushes.

    The XAML below shows how you would create a C1FlexGridGroupPanel and connect it to a grid:

    <c1:C1FlexGridGroupPanel x:Name="_groupPanel" Grid.Row="0" Background="WhiteSmoke" FlexGrid="{Binding ElementName=_flex}" WatermarkText="Drag column headers here to create groups." MaxGroups="8" HideGroupedColumns="True" DragMarkerColor="#312DFF" />
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