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    Cell Merging
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    FlexGrid supports cell merging to allow data to span across multiple rows and columns. The cell merging capability can be used to enhance the appearance of data. Cell merging can be enabled by setting the AllowMerging property in code. To merge columns, you need to set the AllowMerging property for each column that you want to merge to true. Similarly, to merge rows, set the AllowMerging property to true for each row to be merged.

    The following image shows merged columns in a FlexGrid.

    Cell merging

    The code below illustrates merging columns (cells) containing the same country.

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    // enable merging in the scrollable area
    grid.AllowMerging = AllowMerging.Cells;
    // on columns "Country" and "FirstName"
    grid.Columns["Country"].AllowMerging = true;
    grid.Columns["FirstName"].AllowMerging = true;
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