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    Customize Selection Display
    In This Topic

    FlexGrid includes two features that allow you to customize the way in which the selection is highlighted for the user.

    Excel-Style Marquee

    If you set the ShowMarquee property to true, the grid automatically draws a rectangle around the selection, making it extremely easy to see. By default, the marquee is a two-pixel thick black rectangle, but you can customize it using the Marquee property.

    Selected Cell Headers

    If you assign custom brush objects to the grid’s ColumnHeaderSelectedBackground and RowHeaderSelectedBackground properties, the grid highlights headers that correspond to the selected cells, making it easy for users to see which rows and columns contain the selection.

    Together, these properties let you implement grids that have the familiar Excel look and feel. The image below shows an example:

    FlexGrid designer provides a context menu with options to select Excel-like color schemes (Blue, Silver, Black). In addition, you can easily copy the XAML generated by the designer into reusable style resources.

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