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    FlexPivot Architecture
    In This Topic

    FlexPivot features an open architecture which allows it to accept any regular collection as data, including tables and generic lists; and add LINQ enumerations to summarize the data and produce a regular data table as output. This topic highlights the architectural features of FlexPivot through a series of the following topics that cover information on various components integrated within FlexPivot. FlexPivot uses the C1PivotEngine to manage the raw data and allow user to build view definitions by configuring fields and field lists.

    Learn in detail about the FlexPivotPage.
    Learn in detail about the FlexPivotPanel.
    Learn in detail about the FlexPivotGrid.
    Learn in detail about the FlexPivotChart.
    Note: Since the FlexPivotEngine property is obsoleted, you can use the C1PivotEngine property instead.