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In This Topic
    FlexViewer Toolbar
    In This Topic

    The toolbar appears at the top in the FlexViewer control.


    The command buttons available in the toolbar are as follows:

    Command Button Command Button Name Description
    Print Layout Shows the report page layout as it appears on a printed page.
    Report Parameters Displays the parameters set for the report pages.
    Page Settings Allows you to set the orientation, size, and margins of the report pages.
    Document Outlines Displays the outline of report pages.
    Page Thumbnails Displays thumbnails of all the pages available in the displayed report.
    Zoom Options Displays different options to zoom the report pages.
    Layout Options Allows you to choose different layout of report pages.
    Page Navigation Allows you to navigate to the first, last, previous, and next page of the report. You can directly navigate to a particular page by entering the required page number in the Page Number text box.
    Find Text Allows you to find text in a report.
    Text Selection Tool Allows you to select a text to copy.
    Export to File Allows you to export the report to different formats.
    Print Allows you to print a report.
    Refresh/Stop Refreshes the report pages.