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    About FlexReportDesigner
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    The FlexReportDesigner application is a tool used for creating and editing C1FlexReport report definition files. The designer allows you to create, edit, load, and save files with .flxr extension. It also allows you to import C1Report (.xml) and report definitions from Microsoft Access files (.mdb) and Crystal Reports (.rpt).

    To run the Designer, double-click the C1FlexReportDesigner.4.exe (for 64-bit platform) or C1FlexReportDesigner32.4.exe (for 32-bit platform) file located by default in the following path for .NET 4.0:

    C:\Program Files (x86)\ComponentOne\Apps\v4.0

    Note that the given location reflects the default installation path.

    Here's how the designer looks like with the FlexCommonTasks_WPF.flxr file opened:

    You can find the detailed description about the components of the Designer window in FlexReportDesigner application for WinForms.