ComponentOne Gauges for WPF and Silverlight
Inheritance Hierarchy
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    C1.WPF.Gauge Namespace
    In This Topic
    ClassBase class for gauges controls.
    ClassBase class for all the C1Gauge decorators.
    ClassSpecialized collection of C1GaugeDecorator.
    ClassC1GaugeDecorator used to place labels within the C1Gauge.
    ClassC1GaugeDecorator used to place marks within the C1Gauge.
    ClassPanel used to locate any element as a
    ClassC1GaugeDecorator used to define a range within the C1Gauge.
    ClassRepresents a knob control made with a C1RadialGauge.
    ClassRepresents the pointer of a C1Knob.
    ClassRepresents the pointer cap of a C1Knob.
    ClassC1Gauge shown in a linear axis.
    ClassPointer for a C1LinearGauge.
    ClassC1Gauge shown in a circular or radial axis.
    ClassPointer for a C1RadialGauge.
    ClassPointer cap for a C1RadialGauge.
    ClassA C1Knob with a hollow pointer that contains the selected value.
    ClassA C1LinearGauge with an alternative look.
    ClassA C1RadialGauge with the look of the car's instrument.
    ClassA C1RadialGauge with the look of a radio's power indicator.
    ClassEvent args of the LayoutChanged of the Gauge context
    ClassHelper class to create common geometries.
    StructureStruct that declares the C1Gauge bound dimensions.
    EnumerationAlignment possibilities for a decorator (relative to the Gauge's axis)
    EnumerationRepresents the axis of the C1Gauge.
    EnumerationInteraction mode
    EnumerationBinding options for the C1GaugeRange.
    EnumerationThe reason why the layout should be updated.
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