ComponentOne InputPanel for WPF
Features / Add, Edit, and Delete Records
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    Add, Edit, and Delete Records
    In This Topic

    InputPanel control comes with the Add and Delete buttons at the top right of the control. The Add button allows you to insert a new record into the collection of records and the Delete button allows you to delete the currently displayed record in a single click. The following image shows the Add and Delete buttons available in the InputPanel control.

    InputPanel also allows you to edit the records, however, the control does not provide any dedicated button for editing. You can simply select a field in the displayed record and edit the content in it.

    InputPanel allows you to set the visibility of the Add button through the AddButtonVisibility property and Delete button through the DeleteButtonVisibility property of the C1InputPanel class. By default, the visibility of these buttons is set to true, however, you can hide these buttons using the following code:

    InPanel.AddButtonVisibility = Visibility.Collapsed
    InPanel.DeleteButtonVisibility = Visibility.Collapsed
    InPanel.AddButtonVisibility = Visibility.Collapsed;
    InPanel.DeleteButtonVisibility = Visibility.Collapsed;
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