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    Reports for WPF Overview
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    Integrate reporting and document generating functionality into your Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) applications with Reports for WPF. Using Reports for WPF, generate native WPF documents (FixedDocument objects and XPS files), strengthen your WPF applications with powerful report and document generating capabilities, and save time with the clear upgrade path for existing users moving from WinForms to WPF.

    Reports for WPF includes the following tools:

    • The C1DocumentViewer control, which hosts paginated fixed documents, including C1Report and C1PrintDocument FixedDocumentSequence representations.            
    • The C1Report component, which generates access-style, data-based banded reports that can be rendered into a FixedDocumentSequence, directly to a printer, or exported to various portable formats (including XPS, HTML, PDF, and text). For information about using C1Report, see the Reports for WinForms documentation.
    • The C1PrintDocument component, which represents a document that can be previewed, printed or exported to an external format. For information about using C1PrintDocument, see the Reports for WinForms documentation.
    • The C1ReportDesigner designer, a stand-alone application used to create report definitions without writing code. The designer allows you to quickly create and edit report definitions, or to import existing Microsoft Access and Crystal report definitions.
    • The C1ReportsScheduler application, a stand-alone application used to schedule report creation to run in the background. Using the C1ReportsScheduler application, you can choose what reports to export or print, formats to export the report to, and the schedule and frequency for creating reports.
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