ComponentOne RichTextBox for WPF
C1.WPF.RichTextBox Namespace / C1RichTextViewManager Class

In This Topic
    C1RichTextViewManager Class
    In This Topic
    Coordinates the layout and painting of a C1.WPF.RichTextBox.Documents.C1Document.
    Object Model
    C1RichTextViewManager Class
    Public NotInheritable Class C1RichTextViewManager 
    public sealed class C1RichTextViewManager 

    C1RichTextViewManager must be used in conjunction with C1RichTextPresenter to display rich text. The Presenters collection contains C1RichTextPresenterSources that connect the C1RichTextViewManager with the C1RichTextPresenters that actually displays the content.

    The Presenters collection always contains at least one element, and grows or shrinks when new presenters are needed. This makes it suitable to be used with an System.Windows.Controls.ItemsControl to create new presenters as needed. This is a sample of an ItemsControl displaying a Document:

    <Grid> <Grid.Resources> <c1rtb:C1RichTextViewManager x:Key="viewManager" Document="{StaticResource someDocument}"/> </Grid.Resources> <ItemsControl ItemsSource="{Binding Presenters, Source={StaticResource viewManager}}"> <ItemsControl.ItemTemplate> <DataTemplate> <Border Margin="10" BorderThickness="2" BorderBrush="Red" Padding="2" Height="102"> <c1rtb:C1RichTextPresenter Source="{Binding}"/> </Border> </DataTemplate> </ItemsControl.ItemTemplate> </ItemsControl> </Grid>
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