ComponentOne RichTextBox for WPF
C1.WPF.RichTextBox Namespace / IStyleOverride Interface / GetStyles Method

In This Topic
    GetStyles Method (IStyleOverride)
    In This Topic
    Returns a collection of C1RangeStyle objects to apply to the text inside the parameter C1.WPF.RichTextBox.Documents.C1TextRange.
    Function GetStyles( _
       ByVal range As C1TextRange _
    ) As IEnumerable(Of C1RangeStyle)


    The text ranges inside the returned collection of C1RangeStyle must not overlap, and they must be ordered. In other words, the C1.WPF.RichTextBox.Documents.C1TextRange.End of a text range must be less or equal than the C1.WPF.RichTextBox.Documents.C1TextRange.Start of the next one.
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