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In This Topic
    IStyleOverride Interface
    In This Topic
    This interface is implemented to provide style overrides to a C1RichTextBox.
    Object Model
    IStyleOverride Interface
    Public Interface IStyleOverride 
    public interface IStyleOverride 

    A style override is a way to modify the style of a C1.WPF.RichTextBox.Documents.C1Document displayed in a C1RichTextBox without modifying the document.

    There are two approaches to implementing this interface. An implementation could either calculate the collection of C1RangeStyle each time IStyleOverride.GetStyles is called, or have a pre calculated collection of C1RangeStyle, and return the ones inside the range passed as a parameter to GetStyles. For the second approach, the use of C1RangeStyleCollection is recommended.

    Note that only style properties that do not change the layout of the document can be overridden. As an example, C1.WPF.RichTextBox.Documents.C1TextElement.FontWeightProperty cannot be overridden, but C1.WPF.RichTextBox.Documents.C1TextElement.ForegroundProperty can.

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