ComponentOne RichTextBox for WPF
C1.WPF.SpellChecker Namespace / CharRange Class / ExpandOverWhitespace Method
String that contains the CharRange.
CharRange that will be expanded.

In This Topic
    ExpandOverWhitespace Method (CharRange)
    In This Topic
    Extends a CharRange over whitespace.
    Public Shared Function ExpandOverWhitespace( _
       ByVal text As String, _
       ByVal error As CharRange _
    ) As CharRange
    public static CharRange ExpandOverWhitespace( 
       string text,
       CharRange error


    String that contains the CharRange.
    CharRange that will be expanded.

    Return Value

    Expanded CharRange.

    The method returns a new CharRange object that includes the original error plus any whitespace that immediately follows it. If there is no whitespace after the original error, then the returned value is extended to include any whitespace that precedes the original error.

    This method is used to extend editor selections before deleting duplicate words.

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