ComponentOne RichTextBox for WPF
WPF RichTextBox Quick Start / Step 3: Using the Control at Runtime
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    Step 3: Using the Control at Runtime
    In This Topic

    In the previous steps, you created a WPF application, added the RichTextBox and RichTextBoxToolbar controls, and added spell-check functionality to the application. Run the application and try out some possible runtime interactions.

    1. Press F5 to run the application.

      Note that as you type, spell-checking is visibly implemented as indicated by wavy red lines under words not included in the dictionary.

    2. Right-click the first misspelled word, "Welcome", and from the options that appear, choose the correct spelling:

    3. Click the Spell Check button in the Tools group. The Spelling dialog box appears

    4. Click Change to accept the suggested spelling. The dialog box moves onto the next word.
    5. Click Add in the Spelling dialog box to add "WPF" to the dictionary.
    6. Click Change for each of the following words to accept the suggested spellings.
    7. Use the mouse to highlight "ComponentOne RichTextBox for WPF" and click the Bold button in the Font group to bold the text.
    8. Highlight "C1RichTextBox" and click the Hyperlink button in the Insert group to open the Insert Hyperlink dialog box.
    9. In the URL box of the Insert Hyperlink dialog box, enter and click OK to close the dialog box. The link will be added.

      The text gets linked to the ComponentOne website.

    10. Highlight the "Hello World!" text and click the Font Color drop-down box in the Font group and choose Red to turn the text red.
    11. Highlight the entire paragraph and click the Align Text Center button in the Paragraph group to align the text. The application will now appear similar to the following:

      Image of richtextbox after running the sample

    What You've Accomplished

    Congratulations, you successfully completed this Quick Start tutorial! You learned about using the RichTextBox and RichTextBoxToolbar controls, and also viewed some possible run-time interactions.