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    Working with WPF RichTextBox
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    The most complete rich text editor available for WPF, load, edit, and save formatted text as HTML or RTF documents with RichTextBox for WPF. The RichTextBox control for .NET 4.5.2 and .NET 5 versions provides rich formatting, automatic line wrapping, HTML and RTF import/export, table support, images, annotations, and more.

    The C1.WPF.RichTextBox assembly contains two main objects: the C1RichTextBox control and the C1Document object.

    C1RichTextBox is a powerful text editor that allows you to display and edit formatted text. C1RichTextBox supports all the usual formatting options, including fonts, background and foreground colors, lists, hyperlinks, images, borders, and so on. C1RichTextBox also supports loading and saving documents in HTML format.

    C1Document is the class that represents the contents of a C1RichTextBox. It is analogous to the FlowDocument class in WPF. As in WPF, a C1Document is composed of stacked elements (C1Block objects) which in turn are composed of inline elements (C1Run objects).

    Many applications may deal only with the C1RichTextBox control, which provides a simple linear view of the document. Other applications may choose to use the rich object model provided by the C1Document class to create and manage documents directly, with full access to the document structure.

    You can also use related elements such as the C1RichTextBoxToolbar control and C1SpellChecker component to expand the functionality of the  C1RichTextBox control. C1RichTextBoxToolBar is a Ribbon-like toolbar included in the C1.WPF.RichTextBox.Toolbar assembly. You can easily add a C1RichTextBoxToolBar control and link it to a C1RichTextBox control to create a full featured Rich Text editor. C1SpellChecker is located in the C1.WPF.SpellChecker assembly and can be used to add spell-checking functionality to the editor.


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