ComponentOne RichTextBox for WPF
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    Working with C1RichTextBoxToolbar
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    Note: The C1RichTextBoxToolbar is only available for .NET 4.5.2 assembly. In .NET 5 framework, RichTextBox provides the C1RichTextBoxRibbon and C1RichTextBoxToolStrip controls.

    The C1RichTextBoxToolbar control is a full-featured, ribbon-like toolbar that easily turns WPF RichTextBox into a complete text editor. The C1RichTextBoxToolbar control is based on the C1Toolbar control allowing complete customization.

    To connect a C1RichTextBoxToolbar control to a C1RichTextBox control you would need to set the C1RichTextBoxToolbar.RichTextBox property to the name of the control you want to link with the toolbar. For an example, see Connecting a C1RichTextBoxToolbar to a C1RichTextBox topic.

    When you add the C1RichTextBoxToolbar to your application, it appears similar to the following:

    The buttons within the toolbar appear very similar to options in Microsoft Word and other editors, so they should appear familiar to end-users. There are three tabs: Home, Tables and View.

    Home Tab

    The Home tab includes five defined groups of elements: EditFontParagraphInsert, and Tools. You can read about these groups by navigating through the corresponding hyperlinks.

    Tables Tab

    The Tables tab includes four defined groups of elements: Table, Rows & Columns, Merge, and Cell. You can perform different actions with table cells, rows and columns using this tab. For example, setting width, merging cells, inserting or deleting rows and columns.

    View Tab 

    The View Tab which includes three defined group of elements; Views, Zoom, and Line Number.

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