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    Add the References
    In This Topic

    Our project will use two additional assemblies, C1.Silverlight.Data.dll (contains the C1Data classes) and System.Windows.Controls.Data.dll (contains Microsoft's DataGrid control). We chose to use the Microsoft grid instead of ComponentOne's to show that the C1Data classes are not tied in any way to other ComponentOne controls; they can be used against any Silverlight control.

    To add the assemblies, complete the following steps:

    1. Right-click the Scheduler project in the Solution Explorer and select Add Reference.
    2. In the Add Reference dialog box locate and select the following assemblies and click OK to add references to your project:
    • C1.Silverlight.dll
    • C1.Silverlight.Data.dll
    • C1.Silverlight.DateTimeEditors.dll
    • C1.Silverlight.Schedule.dll