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C1.Silverlight.Schedule Namespace / C1Scheduler Class / SelectFromListDialogCommand Field

In This Topic
    SelectFromListDialogCommand Field (C1Scheduler)
    In This Topic
    Defines the command that shows the Select From List dialog for specified parameters.
    Public Shared ReadOnly SelectFromListDialogCommand As C1Command
    public static readonly C1Command SelectFromListDialogCommand
    This command is executed by the C1Scheduler and is implemented by the SelectFromListDialog methods.

    Command parameter should be an array from 4 or 5 values:

    1. The master list to choose from. For example C1.C1Schedule.ResourceStorage.Resources.
    2. The resulting list where to put selected items. For example C1.C1Schedule.Appointment.Resources list.
    3. The System.Type value specifying the type of items in both lists.
    4. The reference to the owning window if any.
    5. The System.String value to show as the dialog window title. This parameter is optional.

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