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C1.Silverlight.Schedule Namespace / TimeSlotTemplateSelector Class

In This Topic
    TimeSlotTemplateSelector Class
    In This Topic
    This class provides a way to choose a DataTemplate for the VisualInterval object representing the single time slot in DayView/WorkWeekView modes.
    Object Model
    TimeSlotTemplateSelector Class
    Public Class TimeSlotTemplateSelector 
       Inherits C1.Silverlight.C1DataTemplateSelector
    public class TimeSlotTemplateSelector : C1.Silverlight.C1DataTemplateSelector 
    For the sample of using look at OneDayStyleBase in generic.xaml.
    1. Create an instance of this class:

      <local:TimeSlotTemplateSelector x:Key="TimeSlotTemplateSelector"/>

    2. Define two DataTemplates:
      • with the key "PART_C1Scheduler_FreeSlot_Template" for free time;
      • with the key "PART_C1Scheduler_WorkSlot_Template" for working time.
    3. Specify ItemsControl.ItemTemplateSelector for the C1SchedulerPresenter object:

      <local:C1SchedulerPresenter ItemTemplateSelector="{StaticResource TimeSlotTemplateSelector}" />

    Note, that if you use this method for choosing VisualInterval DataTemplate, you shouldn't set VisualIntervalTemplate property.
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