ComponentOne Scheduler for WPF and Silverlight
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    C1.WPF.PdfViewer Namespace
    In This Topic
    ClassAttachment in the pdf file.
    ClassProvides data for the C1PdfViewer.AttachmentClick event.
    ClassItem in the outline tree.
    ClassObject which contains information about one page of a C1PdfDocument.
    ClassDisplays PDF documents with navigation controls.
    ClassProvides tools for controlling a C1PdfViewer.
    ClassA document information dictionary containing metadata for the document.
    ClassGet the infomation of the currently selected FindText.
    ClassA field object for gathering information interactively from the user.
    ClassA field group object for gathering information interactively from the user.
    ClassProvides data for the C1PdfViewer.ParsingError event.
    ClassException thrown when problems are detected while parsing PDF documents.
    ClassException thrown when incorrected of a user password for parsing PDF documents.
    ClassConverter used to show the Zoom value as text.
    ClassProvides data for the C1PdfViewer.PreparedPage event.
    ClassProvides data for the C1PdfViewer.PreparingPage event.
    ClassProvides data for the C1PdfViewer.RequestNavigate event.
    ClassProvides data for the C1PdfViewer.TextBlockAdded event.
    EnumerationDetermines to use ComponentOne API to render pdf file or special mode to render all text in pdf with Microsoft TextBlock.
    EnumerationThis Enumeration describes zoom options that determine how pages are displayed in the viewport.
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