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C1.C1Schedule Namespace / MappingCollectionBase<T> Class / IndexMapping Property

In This Topic
    IndexMapping Property (MappingCollectionBase<T>)
    In This Topic
    Returns MappingInfo object for the BasePersistableObject.Index property. If the storage object is bound to a data source via its DataSource property, the properties of this object allow the BasePersistableObject.Index property to be bound to the appropriate field in the data source.
    Public Property IndexMapping As MappingInfo
    public MappingInfo IndexMapping {get; set;}
    Each object derived from BasePersistableObject is identified by either Id or Index property. To allow data to be correctly restored from your data sources you should specify mapping either for the MappingCollectionBase<T>.IdMapping or for the MappingCollectionBase<T>.IndexMapping. It makes sense in case if you bind to your data storages of Resources, Labels, Contacts or Categories. C1Schedule saves only Ids or Indexes of these objects in AppointmentSorage. If there is no mapping for IdMapping or IndexMapping, C1Schedule won't be able to identify Appointment's properties correctly in storages initialized by your data.
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