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In This Topic
    DistributionInfo Class
    In This Topic
    Describes a non-default placement for a child element of the AutoDistributionGrid.
    Object Model
    DistributionInfo Class
    Public Class DistributionInfo 
    public class DistributionInfo 
    Use instances of the DistributionInfo class as items of the ChildrenDistributionInfo collection to change a default placement of a certain child element. Each DistributionInfo object of the collection instructs the grid that a child object at index ElementIndex should be (optionally) placed to a cell with Row and Column indexes and also has RowSpan and ColumnSpan spans. If the position is redefined for a certain element in such a way, then the next element will be placed in a cell next to this element according to the ChildrenFlowDirection specified. If a span is defined and the span direction conforms to the Orientation specified in the ChildrenFlowDirection property, then the next element will skip over the span. Each DistributionInfo item's info can be propagated to a number (fixed or infinite) of next elements, which is specified in the Propagate property.
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