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In This Topic
    ReminderDueInMultiConverter Class
    In This Topic
    Represents a MultiBinding converter that provides a value for the 'Due in' column of the Reminders dialog box.
    Object Model
    ReminderDueInMultiConverter Class
    Public Class ReminderDueInMultiConverter 
    public class ReminderDueInMultiConverter 
    ReminderDueInMultiConverter is a one-way converter. It takes as a source a list of two values - the first one is a DateTime when event will occur, and the second one is a current DateTime - and returns a string with a phrase that describes how much time stays until the event. If the second source value is not specified then the DateTime.Now value is used.

    The standard Reminders dialog box uses this converter in conjunction with the ActiveDateTime object whose ActiveDateTime.Now property provides a value for the second source value of the converter.

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