ComponentOne Scheduler for WPF and Silverlight
Using the C1Calendar Control / C1Calendar Elements
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    C1Calendar Elements
    In This Topic

    User interface abstraction of C1Calendar implies an existence of three main parts:

    1. A pane that represents a list of the month's days
    2. A pane that represents a list of days of the week names
    3. A command pane that is intended to represent a UI that manages a selection of the current month/year

    A list of days is represented by the C1CalendarItemPresenter object, which is inherited from the ListBox class. An instance of C1CalendarItemPresenter class is used in the C1Calendar's template visual tree to define a place where a panel with calendar days will appear.

    C1Calendar generates UI elements (of the DaySlotPresenter class) representing calendar day cells for the CalendarBase.Year and CalendarBase.Month properties. An actual UI of these DaySlotPresenter elements is defined in the C1CalendarResources.DaySlotTemplate property. Those elements become children of a panel whose UI is defined in the CalendarBase.DaysPanel property.

    Note: A regular calendar contains 6 week rows; each row contains 7 days; therefore, 6 * 7 = 42 day cells (referred to as "slots"). Some cells don't represent any day - they are just empty cells.