ComponentOne Scheduler for WPF and Silverlight
Using the C1Calendar Control / C1Calendar Behavior / C1Calendar Selection
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    C1Calendar Selection
    In This Topic

    By default, one day can be selected at a time. You can select more than one day by increasing the value of the C1Calendar.MaxSelectionCount property. At run time depending on the value of the C1Calendar.MaxSelectionCount property, multiple days can be selected while holding the CTRL key and clicking the left mouse button. The selectable days appear with an orange backcolor by default.


    To see how to set a maximum number of selectable days, see Specifying the Maximum Number of Days that can be Selected in C1Calendar.

    You can specify the maximum and minimum date for date selection on the calendar through the CalendarBase.MaxDate and CalendarBase.MinDate properties. By default the minimum is 1/1/1753 and the maximum is 12/31/9998. When the maximum and minimum dates are applied, the dates past these values become unselectable. As a result, the selection color or action will not be applicable if the user attempts to select a date past the specified range.