ComponentOne Scheduler for WPF and Silverlight
Using the C1Calendar Control / C1Calendar Elements / Days of Week
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    Days of Week
    In This Topic

    The days of the week list is represented by the DaysOfWeekPresenter class derived from ItemsControl. An instance of DaysOfWeekPresenter should be used as a placeholder in the C1Calendar.Template visual tree to specify where the days of the week pane should be placed. DaysOfWeekPresenter generates 7 DaysOfWeekPresenter objects as children of a panel whose template is defined in the C1Calendar CalendarBase.DaysOfWeekPanel. Each DaysOfWeekPresenter object represents a single day of the week. A UI of each DayOfWeekSlotPresenter is defined in the C1Calendar CalendarBase.DayOfWeekSlotTemplate property. Each DayOfWeekSlotPresenter receives a DayOfWeekSlot object as its DataContext. DayOfWeekSlot provides a set of properties for convenient binding of the DayOfWeekSlotPresenter UI, like the following:

    The order of the represented days of the week in the list is culture-specific. For example, the first day of the week is Sunday in the USA culture and Monday in the Russian culture.