ComponentOne Scheduler for WPF and Silverlight
Using the C1Calendar Control / C1Calendar Layout / Multi-Month Calendar Display
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    Multi-Month Calendar Display
    In This Topic

    The C1Calendar control can display multiple months with the ability to interactively navigate through months and select a specific DateTime or its components. C1Calendar builds its UI creating the necessary number of C1Calendar controls.



    The most important properties responsible for the UI creation are:

    To provide a custom look for a C1Calendar:

    1. To define a general layout model for a calendar, the C1Calendar.Template property should be assigned (usually through a Setter of a Style). The template visual tree should contain the C1CalendarPresenter to designate a place where a panel with month calendars will appear.
    2. To define the Months pane UI, assign a template to the C1Calendar.MonthsPanel property. This template will define a panel that lays out month items.
    3. To define a single month UI, assign the Style to the C1Calendar.MonthSlotStyle property.