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    Simplifying User Interface Creation
    In This Topic

    In order to simplify the building of a user interface based on C1Scheduler's visual data model, the AutoDistributionGrid grid has been created. It is derived from the System.Windows.Controls.Grid control, but it provides additional functionality. For example:

    1. Child elements are scattered by rows or columns depending on the Orientation property value (Horizontal or Vertical respectively).
    2. Settable and bindable RowCount and ColumnCount properties, for example the DependencyProperty, allows you to define row and column counts numerically, without adding or removing items in the Grid.RowDefinitions/ColumnDefinitions collections. Along with the bindable VisualChildCount property, it provides the ability to have as many rows as children.
    3. You can define grid specific characteristics, such as position and span, for certain child elements. AutoDistributionGrid has a ChildrenDistributionInfo collection of DistributionInfo objects; each DistributionInfo object instructs the grid's child object at index ElementIndex to be (optionally) placed in a cell with Row and Column indexes and to have RowSpan and ColumnSpan spans. If the position is redefined for a certain element, then the next element will be placed in a cell next to this element according to the Orientation specified. If a span is defined and the span direction conforms to the Orientation, then the next element will skip over the span. Each DistributionInfo item's information can be propagated to a number (fixed or infinite) of next elements, which is specified in the Propagate property.