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    Sparkline Key Features
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    As a lightweight data visualization control, Sparkline provides various features that makes it suitable for depicting trend lines and variation curves. Here is a quick look at the key features that Sparkline has to offer.

    Key Feature Description
    Sparkline Types The Sparkline control supports three distinct types to cater diverse business needs, including Column, Line, and Winloss.
    Markers To highlight data values, Sparkline supports markers that can be tailored to suit user requirements.
    Data Binding The Sparkline control can easily bind to any enumerable collection of data values.
    Axes Like any other chart, Sparkline supports an x-axis, which can either be displayed or kept hidden as per the user requirement. By default, the x-axis remains hidden in Sparkline. The x-axis can also be used to display data over a span of dates. For more information, refer to Date Axis.
    Appearance The C1Sparkline class provides a number of properties to customize the control's appearance. In addition to setting markers, users can customize the color of axis, data points (first and last), and the entire series as well.