Getting Started with WPF | ComponentOne Studio Edition
Creating a Microsoft Blend Project / Adding the WPF Edition Components
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    Adding the WPF Edition Components
    In This Topic

    To add a reference to the assembly

    1. In order to use a WPF Edition component in the Design workspace of Blend, you must first add a reference to the WPF assembly for that component and then add the component from Blend's Asset Library.
      Select Project | Add Reference
    2. Browse to find the C1.WPF assembly installed with WPF Edition that you wish to add (for example, C1.WPF.DataGrid.dll).
      To know about installation directories, refer to WPF Edition Setup Files.
    3. Select the C1.WPF DLL file (for example, C1.WPF.DataGrid.dll), and click Open. A reference is added to your project.

    To add a component from the Asset Library

    1. Once you have added a reference to the required C1.WPF assembly, click the Asset Library button (it appears like a sideways chevron)  in the Blend Toolbox. The Asset Library appears.
    2. Click the Controls drop-down arrow and select All.
    3. Select the control. It will appear in the Toolbox below the Asset Library button.
    4. Double-click the component in the Toolbox to add it to the window.
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