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Creating a WPF Project in Visual Studio / Using Visual Studio Templates
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    Using Visual Studio Templates
    In This Topic

    Complete the following steps to create a WPF project in Visual Studio using Visual Studio templates:

    1. Open Visual Studio.
    2. Click File menu and select New | Project. The New Project dialog appears.
    3. Under the Installed | Templates in the left pane, select either Visual Basic or Visual C#.
    4. Select Windows to see a list of available application templates in the center pane.
    5. Select WPF Application template from the list.

      VS WPF Template

    6. Type the project name, set its location, and click OK to create a new WPF project.

    Note: You can create WPF application in Microsoft Expression Blend and Visual Studio. However, Microsoft Expression Blend only provides the design-time environment to visually design XAML documents.

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