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    With the WPF and Silverlight Editions, you can now broaden your global audience with built-in localization support for 20+ international languages. This means that all UI strings baked into ComponentOne WPF and Silverlight controls can be automatically translated into these languages (aside from English):

    1.   Arabic (ar)

    2.   Czech (cs)

    3.   Danish (da)

    4.   Dutch (nl)

    5.   German (de)

    6.   Greek (el)

    7.   Spanish (es)

    8.   Finnish (fi)

    9.   French (fr)

    10.  Hebrew (he)

    11.  Italian (it)

    12.  Japanese (ja)

    13.  Norwegian (no)

    14.  Polish (pl)

    15.  Portuguese (pt)

    16.  Russian (ru)

    17.  Slovak (sk)

    18.  Swedish (sv)

    19.  Turkish (tr)

    20.  General Chinese (zh)

    21.  Traditional Chinese (zh-Hant) - Taiwan, Hong Kong

    22.  Simplified Chinese (zh-Hans) - China

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