Getting Started with WPF | ComponentOne Studio Edition
Getting Started with WPF Edition / WPF Edition Setup Files
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    WPF Edition Setup Files
    In This Topic

    The WPF Edition installation program will create the following directory:

    C:\Program Files (x86)\ComponentOne\WPF Edition on 64-bit version of Windows.

     C:\Program Files\ComponentOne\WPF Edition on 32-bit version of Windows.

    This directory contains the following subdirectories:


    Contains copies of all ComponentOne binaries (DLLs, XMLs).

    In addition, files from the Microsoft WPF Toolkit are also installed. For more information about the Microsoft WPF Toolkit, see CodePlex. The C1.WPF.dll and WPFToolkit.dll assemblies are required for deployment.


    Contains the full XAML definitions of WPF styles, templates and resources which can be used for creating your own custom styles and templates.


    Product samples are installed within the ComponentOne Samples folder. Refer to these pre-installed product samples through the following path:

    Documents\ComponentOne Samples\WPF\AssemblyName  

    The ComponentOne Samples folder contains the following subdirectories:


    Contains supporting database files used by demo programs.


    Contains samples for WPF Edition organized in sub-folders by assembly and language.