Getting Started with WPF | ComponentOne Studio Edition
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    Adding NuGet Packages to your App
    In This Topic

    To add WPF References to your App

    In order to use WPF controls, WPF references have to be added to the project. Complete the following steps to add WPF reference to your project.

    1. Open a pre-existing WPF App or create a new WPF App.
    2. From the Project menu, select Manage NuGet Packages. The NuGet Package Manager appears.
    3. Select from the Package source drop down.
    4. Click Browse tab and select C1.Xaml.WPF.ControlName (for example C1.Xaml.WPF.FlexChart) from the left pane.
    5. In the right pane, click Install. This adds the references for the WPF control.
    6. In the Preview dialog, click OK to proceed with the changes.
    7. Click I Accept to accept the license terms. The license gets installed.
    1. Open a pre-existing Consol App or create a new Consol App.
    2. In the Solution Explorer, right click the project and select Add | Add Packages. The Add Packages dialog appears.
    3. From the drop down menu in the top left corner, select The available WPF package are displayed.
    4. Select the package C1.WPF.ControlName and click the Add Package button. This adds the references for the WPF control.