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    C1.WPF.TabControl Namespace
    In This Topic
    ClassConverter used to adjust a path so that it renders its stroke inside and not to both side of its position.
    ClassRepresents a control that contains multiple items that share the same space on the screen.
    ClassRepresents a selectable item in a C1TabControl.
    ClassControl containing the header of a C1TabItem. Supports different appearances, defined by the Shape property.
    ClassConverter used to clip off the bottom part of ribbon borders.
    ClassInternal element used in both C1TabItem and C1DockTabItem to avoid repetition.
    ClassInternal element used in the control template of C1TabControls.
    ClassProvides data for a cancelable event.
    ClassThis class gives access to localized resources from xaml.
    EnumerationClose button options for the C1TabControl
    EnumerationSupported shapes for the C1TabItem
    EnumerationZ-Index arrangement of the items in the C1TabPanel.
    EnumerationPossible states of pin status for a C1TabItem.
    EnumerationDetermines how C1TabControl retains the content of C1TabItems never or no longer selected.
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