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TabControl Quick Start / Step 1: Creating a TabControl Application
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    Step 1: Creating a TabControl Application
    In This Topic

    In this step you'll begin in Visual Studio to create a WPF application which will use TabControl for WPF to manage user interactions.

    To set up and add controls to your application, complete the following steps:

    1. In Visual Studio, select File | New Project.

    2. In the New Project dialog box, select either Windows Desktop from the Templates in the left-hand pane.

      New Project Dialog Box

      New Project Dialog Box

    3. Select WPF Application, depending on the template you chose. 
    4. Enter a Name for your project, for example "QuickStart", and click OK. In a WPF Application, the MainWindow.xaml file will open.
    5. Add the following assemblies to your application by right-clicking the References folder and selecting add Reference or adding the following Nuget Package:
    • C1.WPF.TabControl
    1. In the Toolbox, double-click the C1TabControl icon to add the C1TabControl control to the application.
    2. Add three tabs to the control by completing the following steps:
      1. Click the C1TabControl control once to select it.
      2. In the Properties window, click the Items ellipsis button .

    The Collection Editor: Items dialog box opens.

      1. Click the Add button three times to add three C1TabItems to the C1TabControl.
    1. Click OK to close the Collection Editor: Items dialog box.

    You have completed the first step of the TabControl for WPF quick start. In this step, you created a project and added a C1TabControl with three tabs to the project. In the next step, you will customize the control's tab pages.