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TabControl Quick Start / Step 3: Customizing the Control
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    Step 3: Customizing the Control
    In This Topic

    In the last step, you added three customized tab pages to the C1TabControl. In this step, you'll customize the C1TabControl by setting several of its properties.

    Complete the following steps:

    1. Select the C1TabControl.
    2. In the  Properties window, set the following properties:
    • Set the Height property to "200".
    • Set the Width property to "300".
    • Set the TabItemClose property to InEachTab. This will add close buttons to each tab except to the third tab, which you specified shouldn't be allowed to close in the last step of the quick start.
    • Set the TabItemShape property to Sloped. This will change the shape of the tab items so that they resemble tabs on an office folder.
    • Set the TabStripMenuVisibility property to Visible.
    • Set the TabStripPlacement property to Bottom. This will place the tabstrip at the bottom of the control.

    You have completed step 3 of 4 by customizing the features of the C1TabControl control. In the next step, you will run the program and observe what you've accomplished during this quick start.