Componentone Toolbar for WPF and Silverlight
Inheritance Hierarchy
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    C1.Silverlight.Toolbar Namespace
    In This Topic
    ClassC1Toolbar control represents a toolbar that contains the controls consolidated in the toolbar groups. Usually C1Toolbar consists from one or more C1ToolbarGroups.
    ClassC1ToolbarButton control represents a button on the C1ToobarStrip.
    ClassRepresents toolbar command.
    ClassC1ToolbarDropDown control represents a drop-down button on the C1ToobarStrip. When clicking it displays popup panel with Content property or context menu set by Menu property.
    ClassC1ToolbarGroup control represents toolbar group that contains one or more toolbar strips.
    ClassRepresents collection of toolbar groups.
    ClassRepresents the definition of control sizes in toolbar group.
    ClassC1ToolbarSplitButton control represents a drop-down split button on the C1ToobarStrip.
    ClassC1ToolbarStrip control represents a strip that contains one or more controls. C1ToolbarStrip can be used alone or as content of toolbar group.
    ClassRepresents toolbar tab control.
    ClassRepresents toolbar tab item.
    ClassC1ToolbarButton control represents a toggle button on the C1ToobarStrip.
    EnumerationRepresents available sizes of control in toolbar.
    EnumerationToolbarOverflow enumeration contains available values for overflow handling in toolbar elements.
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