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C1.Xamarin.Forms.Grid Assembly / C1.Xamarin.Forms.Grid Namespace / GridCellFactoryBase.RowInfo Class / GridCellFactoryBase.RowInfo Constructor
The height.
The minimum height.
The maximum height.
if set to true the row is visible.

In This Topic
    GridCellFactoryBase.RowInfo Constructor
    In This Topic
    Initializes a new instance of the GridCellFactoryBase.RowInfo class.
    Public Function New( _
       ByVal height As Xamarin.Forms.GridLength, _
       ByVal minHeight As Double, _
       ByVal maxHeight As Double, _
       ByVal isVisible As Boolean _
    Dim height As Xamarin.Forms.GridLength
    Dim minHeight As Double
    Dim maxHeight As Double
    Dim isVisible As Boolean
    Dim instance As New GridCellFactoryBase.RowInfo(height, minHeight, maxHeight, isVisible)
    public GridCellFactoryBase.RowInfo( 
       Xamarin.Forms.GridLength height,
       double minHeight,
       double maxHeight,
       bool isVisible


    The height.
    The minimum height.
    The maximum height.
    if set to true the row is visible.
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