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    FlexGrid has built-in support for fast, in-cell editing like you find in Excel. There is no need to add extra columns with Edit buttons that switch between display and edit modes. Users can start editing by typing into any cell. This puts the cell in quick-edit mode. In this mode, pressing a cursor key finishes the editing and moves the selection to a different cell.

    Another way to start editing is by clicking a cell twice. This puts the cell in full-edit mode. In this mode, pressing a cursor key moves the caret within the cell text. To finish editing and move to another cell, the user must press the Enter key. Data is automatically coerced to the proper type when editing finishes. If the user enters invalid data, the edit is cancelled and the original data remains in place. You can disable editing at the grid using the IsReadOnly property of the grid.

    FlexGrid provides support for various types of Editing, including inline, form-based and custom cell editing.