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C1.iOS.Grid Assembly / C1.iOS.Grid Namespace / FlexGrid Class / GetCellValue Method / GetCellValue(GridCellType,GridCellRange) Method
The type of cell.
The range of the cell.

In This Topic
    GetCellValue(GridCellType,GridCellRange) Method
    In This Topic
    Gets the value corresponding to the cell in the specified range.
    Public Overloads Function GetCellValue( _
       ByVal cellType As GridCellType, _
       ByVal range As GridCellRange _
    ) As Object
    Dim instance As FlexGrid
    Dim cellType As GridCellType
    Dim range As GridCellRange
    Dim value As Object
    value = instance.GetCellValue(cellType, range)
    public object GetCellValue( 
       GridCellType cellType,
       GridCellRange range


    The type of cell.
    The range of the cell.
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