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C1.iOS.Grid Assembly / C1.iOS.Grid Namespace / GridCellFactoryBase Class / GetCellContentType(GridCellType,GridCellRange) Method
Type of the cell.
The range.

In This Topic
    GetCellContentType(GridCellType,GridCellRange) Method
    In This Topic
    Gets a key that defines the type of cell content.
    Public Overridable Function GetCellContentType( _
       ByVal cellType As GridCellType, _
       ByVal range As GridCellRange _
    ) As Object
    Dim instance As GridCellFactoryBase
    Dim cellType As GridCellType
    Dim range As GridCellRange
    Dim value As Object
    value = instance.GetCellContentType(cellType, range)
    public virtual object GetCellContentType( 
       GridCellType cellType,
       GridCellRange range


    Type of the cell.
    The range.

    Return Value

    The returned object will be used as a key to recycle cell content´s
    If null is returned, the cell will not be recycled, therefore the CreateCellContent(GridCellType,GridCellRange,Object) method will be called for every rendered cell. Notice this will affect the performance negatively.
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