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C1.iOS.Grid Assembly / C1.iOS.Grid Namespace / GridCellFactoryBase Class / SetCellValue(GridCellType,GridCellRange,Object) Method
Type of the cell.
The range.
The value to be set in the cell.

In This Topic
    SetCellValue(GridCellType,GridCellRange,Object) Method
    In This Topic
    Sets the value of a specified cell.
    Public Overridable Sub SetCellValue( _
       ByVal cellType As GridCellType, _
       ByVal range As GridCellRange, _
       ByVal value As Object _
    Dim instance As GridCellFactoryBase
    Dim cellType As GridCellType
    Dim range As GridCellRange
    Dim value As Object
    instance.SetCellValue(cellType, range, value)
    public virtual void SetCellValue( 
       GridCellType cellType,
       GridCellRange range,
       object value


    Type of the cell.
    The range.
    The value to be set in the cell.
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