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    Creating a Custom Date Picker using C1DropDown
    In This Topic

    This topic provides you a walkthrough to creating a custom date picker using the C1DropDown control. For this, you begin by creating an iOS application, and initializing a C1DropDown, a C1Calendar control, and a C1MaskedTextField control. To create a date picker, you need to set the Header property to the object of the MaskedTextField and DropDown property to the object of the C1Calendar class.

    The image below shows how a custom date picker created using the C1DropDown appears.

    Add the following code to your ViewController to display the control.

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    public static C1MaskedTextField maskedField;
    public C1Calendar calendar;
    public static C1DropDown d;
    public C1DropDown DropDown;
    public override void ViewDidLoad()
        DropDown.DropDownHeight = 300;
        DropDown.DropDownWidth = DropDown.Frame.Size.Width;
        DropDown.DropDownMode = DropDownMode.ForceBelow;
        DropDown.IsAnimated = true;
        C1MaskedTextField maskedField = new C1MaskedTextField();
        maskedField.Mask = "00/00/0000";
        maskedField.BackgroundColor = UIColor.Clear;
        maskedField.BorderStyle = UITextBorderStyle.None;
        DropDown.Header = maskedField;
        C1Calendar calendar = new C1Calendar();
        calendar.SelectionChanged += (object sender, CalendarSelectionChangedEventArgs e) =>
            DateTime dateTime = calendar.SelectedDates[0];
            string strDate = dateTime.ToString("MM-dd-yyyy");
            maskedField.Text = strDate;
        DropDown.DropDown = calendar;