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    Custom Appearance
    In This Topic

    The C1ComboBox control comes with various properties to customize appearance and help deliver enhanced user experience. The C1ComboBox class provides a set of properties listed below to achieve customization in the control's overall look and feel.

    The image given below shows a customized C1ComboBox control.

    Customized XuniComboBox

    Add the given code in ViewController.m file to render a customized C1ComboBox control. This code example uses the sample created in the Quick Start.

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    ComboBoxEdit.SelectedBackgroundColor = UIColor.Cyan;
    ComboBoxEdit.ButtonColor = UIColor.Red;
    ComboBoxEdit.DropDownBackgroundColor = UIColor.LightGray;
    ComboBoxEdit.DropDownBorderColor = UIColor.Blue;
    ComboBoxEdit.DropDownMode = C1.iOS.Input.DropDownMode.ForceBelow;