FlexSheet: Excel-Like Spreadsheet Control for .NET

View and edit spreadsheets like Microsoft Excel in your .NET apps with ComponentOne FlexSheet. Import spreadsheets, evaluate formulas and apply cell styling while giving your users the flexibility to manage Excel files within your custom business application.

Available as part of ComponentOne Studio Enterprise:

  • Web: ASP.NET MVC, Wijmo JavaScript
  • Desktop: WPF



Why Choose FlexSheet for your .NET Applications?


Deliver the Microsoft Excel Experience in Your Apps

In addition to behaving like a datagrid, FlexSheet provides a more Excel-like experience. Deliver spreadsheet functionality for the desktop or the web using FlexSheet in any of the supported platforms: WPF, ASP.NET MVC, and JavaScript.


Work With Your Existing Data

Take advantage of the full .NET development platform to power the backend of your users' spreadsheets. Import and export existing Microsoft Excel files, bind FlexSheet to an external data source, or work unbound.

Flexsheet .NET

Familiar, Fast, and Flexible

FlexSheet focuses on key features from Excel, but in a smaller, faster package. By extending the FlexGrid you know and love, FlexSheet's features—from keyboard navigation to data entry—were designed to feel familiar and help users skip training.

Import and Export Data

  • Import, edit, and export Microsoft Excel files like .xls and .xlsx
  • Bind FlexSheet to an external data source or go unbound
  • Start with a blank sheet and programmatically set cell values using code when unbound
  • Save and load spreadsheets as additional formats, such as CSV and JSON
  • Asynchronously load files on the server via the web


Manage Multiple Worksheets

  • Manage multiple worksheets with an Excel-like, tabbed interface
  • Switch between worksheets, edit content directly on the sheet, and update content via code
  • Manipulate sheets within a workbook by creating, deleting, and renaming sheets
  • Reference other sheets or cell values
  • Insert, delete, freeze, and reorder rows and columns
  • Protect sheets and lock cell ranges to prevent editing

Analyze and Evaluate Formulas

  • Analyze and evaluate Excel-style formulas with FlexSheet's powerful formula engine
  • Utilize nearly 100 built-in functions, including Logical, Math, Statistical, Text, Lookup, and DateTime
  • Receive an error message from FlexSheet when it recognizes an invalid formula
  • Customize the formula bar UI using the separate C1FormulaBar control

Apply Cell Styles and Formatting

  • Customize cell styles, including font, color, placement, and borders
  • Specify the display format for numbers, currency, percentage, and date
  • Apply styles and formatting to the whole sheet, including rows, columns, cells, and cell ranges
  • Merge cells together to enhance the readability of your data
  • Show or hide header and grid lines

Filter, Sort, and Autofill Data

  • Apply conditional and value-based filtering just like Excel
  • Fill cells automatically with data by dragging the bottom right corner of the cell (ASP.NET Web Forms Edition)
  • Organize rows of data within a worksheet by grouping (WPF Edition)
  • Sort the spreadsheet by any column to better visualize the data set