Full data entry form for .NET applications.

Add a full data entry form with a single line of code.

Flexible Layouts

Flexible Layouts

Grid and Flow layouts provide great flexibility to developers for designing complex business forms and layouts.

.NET Input Panel Validation


Built-in validation performs during property change events once the edit is committed

.NET Input Panel Integration


Integrate XAML InputPanel with data grids and other controls for additional functionality

.NET Input Panel Annotations


Data annotations in XAML allow the app to control which fields are hidden, field formatting, max field length, and more without custom code

.NET Input Panel Visual Styles

Visual Styles

Built-in visual styles allow you to easily update the look of the control to match Office themes

.NET Input Panel Tab Ordering

Tab Ordering

Automatic tab order allows you to make changes without restructuring tab order

.NET Input Panel ToolTips

Graphical Elements

Easily add graphical elements like ToolTips at design time, and include HTML and image options

.NET Input Panel Dynamic Forms

Dynamic Forms

Create dynamic forms to add items to the control at runtime and specify sequence and location


Get Started with InputPanel

As an added resource, check out a quick video that will get you started with InputPanel

Platform Highlights

FeatureWinFormsWPF and UWP

Native Input Controls

TextBox, NumericBox, masked text box

Date and time picker

ComboBox and CheckBox

Drop-down List

RadioButton, SplitButton

Menu, ProgressBar, GroupHeader

Label, HTML Label


Add, edit, delete operations

Navigation and pagination operations

Data Binding

Any .NET data sourceAny IEnumerable data source

Data annotations

AutoCommit settings

DataTemplate support

CustomFields support

Keyboard Accelerator support

Validation and error handling

Easy integration with data grids and other controls


Automatic scrollbars


Extensive layout support

Grid and Flow Layouts


Built-in Office themes


25+ cultures