C1Word: Microsoft Word Library for .NET Apps

  • Build Microsoft Word and RTF Documents in .NET Code
  • C1Word Library for desktop allows you to create, read, and update Word and RTF documents in your apps through the code
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Why Build Word Docs in Code?

  • Export a document from the app in some standard editable format for further use (unlike PDF)
  • Read or parse Microsoft Word Documents through code
  • Merge Microsoft Word Documents through code

Get Started with the Easy Object Model

  • C1Word’s object model is easily programmable and provides all the advanced properties and methods required to generate both MS Word and RTF documents.
  • The document created using C1Word can be used in applications to export/email data in standard Microsoft Word document format.
  • C1Word-generated documents can also be stored in file system for later use, or in any database that supports file streams.

Read, Parse, And Build Word Documents

  • Load DOCX and RTF files into your app and programmatically modify them.
  • Merge multiple large Word documents into a single document
  • Add text and text formatting, including:
    • Font
    • Forecolor
    • Alignment
    • Border styles
  • Create and add tables with standard formatting
  • Add text from a txt file
  • Add Table of Contents
  • Create documents with different paper sizes
  • Add text in a columnar layout

Add Graphic Elements To Your Documents

  • Add images and set alignment
  • Add custom graphics and shapes, including:
    • Arc
    • Beizer
    • Ellipse
    • Line
    • Pie
    • Polygon
    • PolygonLine
    • Rectangle
    • TextBox Shape
  • Set fill, opacity, and rotation on shapes
  • Add metafiles to WinForms apps
  • Draw a framework element tree onto a C1Word graphic