Build Microsoft Word and RTF Documents in .NET Code

C1Word Library for desktop allows you to create, read, and update Word and RTF documents in your apps through the code.

.NET Word Library Basic Features

Why build Word docs in code?

  • Export a document from the app in some standard editable format for further use (unlike PDF)
  • Read or parse Microsoft Word Documents through code
  • Merge Microsoft Word Documents through code

.NET Word Library Easy Object Model

Get started now with the easy object model

  • C1Word’s object model is easily programmable and provides all the advanced properties and methods required to generate both MS Word and RTF documents.
  • The document created using C1Word can be used in application to export/email data in standard Microsoft Word document format.
  • C1Word-generated documents can also be stored in file system for later use, or in any database that supports file streams.

.NET Word Library Build in-app

Read, Parse, And Build Word Documents In-App

  • Load DOCX and RTF files into your app and programmatically modify them.
  • Merge multiple large Word documents into a single document
  • Add text and text formatting, including:
    • Font
    • Forecolor
    • Alignment
    • Border styles
  • Create and add tables with standard formatting
  • Add text from a txt file
  • Add Table of Contents
  • Create documents with different paper sizes
  • Add text in a columnar layout

Add Graphic Elements To Your Documents

  • Add images and set alignment
  • Add custom graphics and shapes, including:
    • Arc
    • Beizer
    • Ellipse
    • Line
    • Pie
    • Polygon
    • PolygonLine
    • Rectangle
    • TextBox Shape
  • Set fill, opacity, and rotation on shapes
  • Add metafiles to WinForms apps
  • Draw a framework element tree on to a C1Word graphic